The Make&Mold Project started as a low cost thermoplastic modelling process, in order to reclaim industrial materials and technique's used in conventional plastic molding industry. This self-developed process is patented and consist of various intelligent production processes, based on a single wall molding technique. The idea for the Make&Mold (furniture) series started with the desire to reclaim industrial mould processes for thermoplastics. Working as an autonomous designer creating his own techniques and processes, Rutger is not restricted by industrial standards, only by the limitations of the materials he works with. When looking at the qualities and possibilities of thermoplastic materials, Rutger started to experiment with recycled polypropylene, a thermoplastic which melts when heated. During his experiments, he discovered that what he was still missing was a medium to apply the heat. Rutger created a basic heat conducting mould, and filled it with raw material. By heating the mould from the outside the material melts and bonds together. After cooling down Rutger empties the mould and a finished product comes out. Due to this new technique the character and detail are created during the production process so every object is unique. Due to the low mould cost, it is possible to make custom moulds for specific project.