Hi, we are Marlies & Rutger.

Founders Rutger de Regt and Marlies van Putten met during their studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. They share the same interest in experimental design by process based principles. While Rutger is keen on social and inventive themes, Marlies is more poetic in her work as a designer. After an invitation to create a piece for a charity design auction, Rutger de Regt invited Marlies van Putten to join the project. This was the start of the collaboration that led to the founding of HandMade Industrials. By teaming up they discovered that their work and philosophy could make a difference for the designer makers of this time.


Rutger is born in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands 1979. For Rutger, design is experimenting with new materials by a hands-on approach. In this way he allows technique and material to engage in a dialogue wherefrom his designs come to life. His aim is to reclaim industrial production techniques to be able to produce products by setting his own restrictions instead of industrial.


Marlies van Putten: Born in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands 1990. A talented young designer who has a wide spectrum of design skills. Besides training in interior architecture and various crafts, she also has the ability to use these skills in a conceptual and poetic manner. While still attending the Royal Academy of Arts, she has already exhibited her work at Milan design week two years in a row and is co-founder of HandMade Industrials.