Oxidation Aftermath

About This Project

Within set boundaries mutation is being facilitated, enabling the unexpected to take place. Neutral materials, which at first seem to be unchangeable, are being transformed during the process of oxidation. In Oxidation Afthermath the end is not the end, it is a new begin. The research focusses on creating a dialog between two materials; A symbiosis between two materials who at first sight do not interact. To facilitate the process neutral materials like marble, wool and ceramics were combined with copper, a liquid accelerator is used to start the oxidation process.

By using a transparent liquid as emulgator between neutral, natural materials like marble, wool and ceramics, colour of oxidation comes to live. Colour start to emerge and seep trough the white materials finding its way trough the vains and highlighting the existing structures. With the flow of the liquid the copper is transfered to its new destination. Marble tiles connected with copper tube, the accelerator is poured into the copper tunnel and the copper oxidises. Holes in the copper tube connecting the marble creates a flow of blue liquid which runs trough the white marble turning blue. The mishaps of the tufted rug were wrapped with copper wire and hanged in accelerator liquid. Due to the capillary action the liquid flow pass the copper, which oxidises and create a unique colour pattern.